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DUI Lawyer Tampa St PetersburgIf you’re charged with DUI, the most important thing you can say to protect yourself is: “I invoke my 5th amendment rights. I do not want to answer any questions. I would like to speak with my attorney.” A DUI is a process against your best interests, and to get through this process with the best result you need a litigating attorney with courtroom experience. Anne Borghetti can help answer your questions and lead you through the process of a DUI…

Experienced Tampa St Petersburg Trial AttorneyIf you’re charged with fraud, Fraud can cover a range of charges from mail fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, or forgery. Fraud is defined to be “an intentional perversion of truth” which induces another person to “part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right”. Because fraud covers such a broad scope of possibilities, securing legal representation early is in your best interest.

If you’re charged with a Drug Crime, being charged with a drug trafficking, distribution, or drug possession with intent to distribute can include serious penalties or jail time. The most important first action you should take is to contact a defense attorney. Each case is different but having representation that knows the criminal system can make all the difference.

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Investigation of DUI Unit in Tampa (2013-08-04)

A six-person panel will review the DUI cases of Sgt. Ray Fernandez and Officer Tim McGinnis after they were involved in the arrest of attorney C. Philip Campbell on a DUI charge which prosecutors concluded was a setup.

Knowing your rights at a DUI checkpoint (2013-07-15)

A 21-year-old Tennessee man released a video showing him trying to navigate a DUI checkpoint that has gone viral on YouTube(and has since been made private).

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Sennett Devermont is a SDSU grad who is known as “MrCheckpoint” for using Twitter to alert drivers to DUI checkpoints throughout Southern California. Using the social media tools of Twitter, Facebook, SMS messaging, and his own website

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Channel 12 News in Jacksonville Florida reports that hundreds of DUI cases may need to be reexamined after an internal investigation into Laura Barfied, an expert witness.

FHP scrutiny after DUI profiling accusation (2013-05-18)

A 52-year-old from Michigan was arrested after blowing a .034 and .036, which are levels well under the legal limit of .08. The arresting officer was FHP Trooper Melvin J. Arthur who has handed out far more citations to women than men.

DUI Ignition interlock device considered for St. Petersburg (2013-05-05)

Tallahassee is considering a bill that would allow some first-time DUI offenders to choose to have interlock devices installed on their car for a year rather than having their license revoked.